Sunday February 8th, 2015 STAPLES Center – Los Angeles, California.

The hot shots of the entertainment world take over the evening for the Grammy’s. There is a lot of talent at the Grammy’s but what the viewers see are the famous singers who have been plastered everywhere else on television. I mean, I just watched Katy Perry at the Super Bowl, and on that cover girl commercial, and actually I don’t mind seeing Katy Perry, she is a babe.

The Grammy’s have become a time for publicists to get their clients on TV and sell the hell out of them. So if we had to choose an overall winner in taking over the media the winner of the Grammy would be Kanye West. Since his stunt Sunday I can not go anywhere without hearing about him. Middle age men at my Monday Night Bowling League were asking if I saw what Kanye did to Beck. Good work Kanye you win and for the next week I will see your face on every entertainment news outlet.

My real qualm I have is one of my favorite Metal bands, Slipknot, failed to win their second Grammy for Best Metal Performance with an original piece of music. Instead they fell short to Tenacious D’s cover of Dio’s “The Last in Line”. If you looked at the lineup of nominees for Best Metal Performance Dio had the  upper hand with two songs; Anthrax covered “Neon Knights” and Tenacious D covered “The Last in Line”.

This left Mastadon, Motörhead, and Slipknot with their original pieces of work empty handed. Don’t get me wrong I like Tenacious D and I think that Jack Black and Kyle Gass are hilarious comedians and very good entertainers. I don’t think Tenacious D should have won the Best Metal Performance for playing a cover. I would have liked to see an original piece of work take home the title even if it wasn’t Slipknot. Now if the Grammy’s were trying to pay homage to Ronnie James Dio I feel they should have gone about it a different way instead of letting a comic duo win with a cover song. I am not sure how many people know Dio had passed away from cancer back in 2010 and the songs nominated  “The Last Line” and “Neon Knights” are on an album, This Is Your Life, dedicated in Ronnie James Dio’s memory.

Hopefully the Grammy’s will do their part with publicity and Tenacious D’s win will boost the sales of the Dio tribute album.  So at the end of the day I am not happy about a band winning an award for another artists work(even though it happens all the time) but if it means bringing awareness to cancer and taking peoples mind off Kanye West for awhile then Tenacious D was the right choice.

Take a listen to the Best Metal Performance Nominees and Winner. Let me know your thoughts on the Grammy’s and who you thought had the most metal performance in the comments below.

The Last In Line – Tenacious D

Track from: Ronnie James Dio – This Is Your Life

Label: Rhino

Anthrax – Neon Knights

Track from: Ronni hames Dio – This Is Your Life

Label: Rhino

Mastodon – High Road

Track from: Once More ‘Round The Sun

Label: Reprise

Motörhead – Heartbreaker

Track from: Aftershock

Label: Udr

Slipknot – The Negative One

Label: Roadrunner Records

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