The day has finally arrived. While everyone else is ditching work to drink green beer, I am settled into my cozy office chair with the melodic musings of Aaron Bruno dancing in my head. It has been 4 years and 2 days since Awolnation released their debut album Megalithic Symphony, and I, like all of their fans, have been restlessly waiting for more.

We were given a tease in January with the release of their first single off of the sophomore album “Run”, “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)”. I knew from that moment that this album would not disappoint. Now as I flow through the songs one by one, I can honestly say that they hit gold here. It took nine months for their first single “Sail” to hit the Billboard Hot 100 charts back in 2011. I don’t foresee that being an issue this time around. With their unmistakable Awol electronic sound mixed with Aaron’s incredible and distinct wail, this album is consistently amazing from start to finish. The perfect amount of ‘in your face’ and ‘laid back’. There is no doubt that this album is filled with everything the band could possibly give to their fans and a step in the right direction to become a household name.

“Now I’m living in a dream and I don’t think I’m ever going to wake up.” -Jailbreak

On the eve of the album release, Aaron posted this to their Facebook page:

Dear Nation,

Tomorrow marks the release of RUN. Words cannot express the gratitude in my soul for all of you. From AN builders & AWOLNATION FANS, to Toby Ryan, and to all of you who have inspired, motivated, and let me into your ears and hearts. You gave me the confidence and obsession to deliver the best record I was capable of making. RUN is very personal, vulnerable and written for you…

Thank you for listening!

Aaron Bruno

You are very welcome, sir! Thank you for giving us your heart and soul once again.

Download the album on iTunes. Or pick it up at Target for just $7.99 until 4/11/15. You will thank me…I promise!


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