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Shea Villwock of Geneva and his partners at Artist View have created a line of T-shirts detailing people’s artistic passions to draw attention to their website, a place to visit for people who need the services of an artist.

One T-shirt says “I. am. a. WRITER.” Another says “I. am. a. MUSICIAN.” Or another might say “I. support. THEATER.”


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If Shea Villwock of Geneva had his way, we’d all be wearing a T-shirt to indicate our passion and also our support for his site.

It’s a place where independent writers, actors, producers, dancers, musicians, filmmakers and others make their passions and skills known — especially to those who may be looking for the services of some creative people for certain jobs or projects.

Villwock and partners John Gilmour Hildebrand and Kiel Tredrea have initiated a Kickstarter campaign to launch the project. The first phase is an apparel line, with a pledge award being one of the aforementioned T-shirts describing the wearer’s passion. is a niche entertainment social network for artists, somewhat meshing LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all into one for artists and businesses to use, Villwock said.

“I’ve been a drummer and artist since I was 6 years old and huge fan of all arts,” the 28-year-old Villwock said. “I was in a band that started doing shows around the Chicago area, and I realized that I wanted to pursue recording as a profession.”

He studied music and opened his own recording studio, and through the process of bringing creative people together for projects, Villwock realized the need for a website to do just that.

Artist View will showcase the work of many creative people, making it easier for them to connect with each other and with those who can use their services.

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