After my inaugural blog post, I had a meeting with our team. We talked about all the different ideas we had for our blog. What do people want to read about? What do artists want us to write about? I walked away invigorated and overwhelmed. Excited about the freedom of expression I was just given. And honestly, a bit confused as to what I was going to write about next.

So, I’ve been researching. Reading popular music sites. Searching for what is considered “popular” topics in the art community. To my utter disgust, the internet is saturated with the TMZ versions of music news. Yes, Kanye pulled another Kanye. Taylor Swift danced all night at the Grammys. Someone leaked Jack White’s tour rider and the entire world of music journalism is in a uproar about his guacamole recipe. I even stumbled upon an article that had links to different articles about each member of Metallica’s current relationship status. Let me tell you what! I’ve been a Metallica fan since I was 15. Never once did I ever care about James Hetfield’s current girlfriend.

What has happened to the world where people wrote real articles about the music? I used to count the days till the new Metal Edge was out and I could devour every single printed word from cover to cover. Articles about upcoming tours or new albums. Getting a little taste of what it’s like to be in their world.

No wonder the state of the music world is where it’s at today. They have taken every aspect of the actual musician away from the fan. MTV is dead. Music videos are now a novelty instead of a main source of promotion. Magazines are a thing of the past. My daughter will never know the thrill of circling every awesome band t-shirt she wants in the ads in Hit Parader. Or how amazing it was to spend hours in a record store combing through racks and racks of CDs and records. The countdown to an album release. Hearing the new song on the radio before the release…and trying to record it on a blank tape. Concerts literally cost an arm and a leg…and if you can afford to go, the seats are terrible because the prime seats are 5 times the price you paid for nose bleeds.

It’s no wonder YouTube, Pandora and Spotify are top dogs in the music industry. Of course people illegally download music or share it with their friends. When I grew up listening to music, I wanted to be the artists. Meet the artists. Be a part of the art. Now, people just want the music on their playlist. A click of a button and BAM! They have the song. Where’s the passion in that?

I’m left, still, overwhelmed about my future topics. But one thing is for sure. If I’m gonna write about Kanye, it’s not going to be about his theatrics at award shows. Jack White can rest assured his recipes are safe from the wrath of me. And James Hetfield and his wife’s world won’t grace the pages of my blog unless he decides to bring her on stage for a duet. I want to write about the real world of music and the arts. The blood, sweat and tears that go on behind the song’s you listen to while you jog on your treadmill! Maybe it will make a difference…maybe it won’t. But I’m going to enjoy every second of this journey.


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