Trent Duncans’ Jason vs Michael Fan film.

In 2003, we got Freddy vs. Jason. Today we were graced with Trent Duncan’s fan Film: Jason Vorhees vs Michael Myers.

Duncan’s Youtube:

The epic battle of horror icons finally comes to life as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers face off in this adrenaline filled horror fan film that combines campy tributes to the original classics, while showcasing new age cinema. Starring Cheyenne Hess, Ryan Monnier, Rebecca Rose, and Shelly Gene Latane Laera

In addition to a kick ass fight scene, I wanted to add some campy throwbacks and Easter eggs as a tribute to the films of the 80’s. More specifically the controversial cult classic Halloween 3. I hope you enjoy the film. Please share it with your groups.


“The battle is here! Check out Trent’s short horror fan film!”


Directed by Trent Duncan

Costumes and wardrobe

Original Scores by Kenny Marshall

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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