Kanye West is notable for interruptions at award shows but Tim Commerford’s actions at the VMA’s really called out musicians for not deserving the title or award they won. However, “I’mma let you finish but”…Kanye is a total poser. Go figure right. Before the 2015 Grammy incident, with West rushing the stage and going to the press stating an Artist like Beck is not an artist and Beyonce deserves the Grammy, and for what he did back in his 2009 famous incident telling Taylor Swift to give her VMA to Beyonce there was a bassist; Tim Commerford.

Let’s Take A Look Shall We?

Back in 2000 the MTV Video Music Awards were shut down due to Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford. Commerford shut the production down after climbing the backdrop of the stage while Limp Bizkit was accepting their award for Best Rock Video “Break Stuff”.

RATM had lost the award to Limp Bizkit but it was more than just losing that set Commerford off.  I remember hearing a statement Commerford made about how he knew the award system was a hoax when he noticed before they announced the winners the cameras would already be surrounding the said winner. (In the VMA’s defense it is a live show but not everything can be a surprise since they are on a live television time slot.) Right when the cameras surrounded Limp Bizkit Commerford got out of his seat, walked on the headrests, and over people, Commerford mentioned the most notable being Dr. Dre, to get to the stage.

Commerford then climbed the stage in what a lot of people at the time had no idea why he would do such a thing. As most of us know Tim Commerford did have a reason and I think it deserves more attention than a dumb stunt Kanye West pulls.

Commerford’s reaction was not planned and it happened organically!

Commerford was upset because not only did they lose to a Limp Bizkit music video but they lost to a Fred Durst(he has actually directed a couple Hollywood films. Who would have thought?) directed music video versus a Michael Moore directed video. Michael Moore was arrested at the filming of ‘Sleep Now in the Fire’, RATM stormed the New York Stock exchange, and they shut capitalism down for around 4 minutes.

Talk about an epic impact. Also Commerford was arrested after his stunt while Kanye should be the one in jail for dumbing the population with the nonsense that comes out of his mouth(Enter image of shit coming out of peoples mouths from South Park).

So what was more important; West’s publicist telling Kanye to talk trash on another artist because they are white and he thinks they are a non-deserving artist or Commerford making a real protest and shutting down an award show. Well first off both Commerford and West’s actions are unacceptable and rude at such an event.

However, Commerford did his by himself and was not a staged publicity stunt while Kanye gets paid for his crap. Overall Commerford is standing up for the creativeness of artists while West is sucking up to his friends wife and basing his facts on Twitter trends, Facebook Likes, and his crazy thoughts.


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