With Marvel Studios gearing up to belt out some heavy hitting movies over the next five years, we are all going to see a CGI world unfold by the way of big budget sequels. My question I pose to you today is:

What if the Marvel universe was our own and Tony Stark, Hulk, and Thor were all real?

How would the world react? How could a civilized world accept Superheroes? If we don’t trust those in power with no “super-powers”; how are we supposed to trust those with super-powers? The answer to that question is we wouldn’t have a choice, it’s not like we could stop them or move away from them. We would just sit back and hope today isn’t the day Mjölnir comes down and crushes my Camry.

I have spent many nights thinking about the different Marvel movies and how they would play out if things were real. Now, in the case of the Marvel Universe, I came up with 5 things I believe would happen.

1.Insurance rates would skyrocket, most likely causing the insurance companies to go out of business. Let’s face it, no one could afford the added cost of Hulk protection.

2.If you have ever looked at a hammer and nails, you could get yourself a construction job. With cities falling left and right there are jobs a plenty!

3.Military spending would go through the roof, but would not compete with Stark Industries!

4.At least one of the superheroes would have a controversial scandal leaked through social media.

5.New York would finally have affordable real estate. I mean come on, who in their right mind would live in a place that is constantly attacked by giant monsters and aliens.

Written by: Randy Hill
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