Make my way back home when I learn to fly high.

Every once in a while, mixed in with your neighbor’s new baby pictures, your college roommate’s political rants and your mom’s borderline embarrassing comments, something comes along your news feed that reaffirms your reasons to not delete your Facebook. 1000Rockers…1000 musicians in a field playing “Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters. At first I thought ‘This is gonna be cool. I wonder what the catch was? If they were raising money for something? Did they charge to be a part of this?’ The questions disappeared the moment the drums kicked in and chills ran through me.


I couldn’t get over it. Not a single beat missed. Hundreds of drummers, bassists, guitarists playing their hearts out in a field in Cesena. These musicians were so in-sync it was breathtaking. I watched the video a couple times. I was waiting for the rush to fade…but it didn’t. I shared it on my timeline and quickly ran to Mr. Google to find out more.

One man spent an entire year putting this together. His name is Favio Zaffagnini. A musician from Cesena and a lover of Foo Fighters. His diary on their website states:




“The group becomes much bigger, everybody’s doubtful but amused…anyway we have a team!”

Crowdfunding starts on December 18th, 2014.


We’re organizing a Guinness World Record event, where one thousand musicians will play at the same time “Learn to Fly”.

Within 5 days, news about their project spreads like wildfire. “We’re literally overwhelmed by fans, musicians, curious people and journalists.”

By March 2015 they are half way home and they have their official maestro, Marco Sabiu, an Italian-born musician and composer who has worked with Kylie Minogue and Pavarotti (my personal favorite).

April 30. 2015 – “When you’re in Italy, raising 40 thousand Euros is a pain in the ass…”

I love their passion and commitment…and their bluntness. One month later, they reached their first goal…the money is there! I imagine that there were some celebratory drinks over dinner that night, a few moments of relaxation and probably the first good night worth of sleep for the team since the beginning.

It’s go time now. Hours of video auditions. Figuring out how to actually record 1000 musicians singing simultaneously. Finding the right people for the job and sticking under budget.


“…the challenge is so cool that we are able to recruit real bigwigs.”

The idea of people coming together for a common passion…to be a part of something bigger than themselves…and not thinking about the money…that right there gives me the greatest feeling inside. People like this still exist in this day and age, and when these people unite for a cause…magic always happens. I’m sure they had their doubts, stress and struggles. But If I would have been following along this whole time, there is no way I would have imagined this failing.


And then…they launch the song.

More than 4 million views in 24 hours. All I thought was one simple statement.

There’s no way Dave Grohl can say no.

And of course…he didn’t disappoint.










“Hello beautiful, Cesena…”

“We will see you soon, Cesena…xxx David”

He also took to YouTube and Facebook to express his feelings in the very little Italian he did know.

“Hello Cesena. It is David. Hello. I am sorry, I don’t speak Italian — only a little, a little. This video, how beautiful. How fantastic. Thanks a million! We are coming, I promise. We will see you soon. Thanks a million! I love you. Bye.”

This story is every reason why I will never give up on my love of music. The power of music. The power of people. The power of passion. If this story doesn’t make your feel everything inside of you, you are truly missing out on the greatest part of human nature. Living with a passion.

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