Mastodon Releases New Music Video and it has Cats

Heavy metal band Mastodon releases new music video “Asleep in the Deep” and it has Cats.

Mastodon released a new music video of their song “Asleep in the Deep” from their album Once More ‘Round The Sun. The music video was unlisted for awhile on Youtube and you were only able to access it through a link on the Mastodon Facebook Page and the Adult Swim Facebook Page. Since writing this the video is now listed on Youtube. The video is from the brain of artist Skinner  who gives the video a psychedelic 90’s metal music video feel mixed with Alice in Wonderland and Jim Hensen on drugs. The music video is pretty wild and something you do not see everyday. The music video tells the story of a regular pet cat, lets call him Charlie, who has a secret heroic life. And in this secret life the cat gets super stoned on some wild medical grade catnip milk before his adventure to save Lemmiwinks and destroy the evil Three-Faced Yeti.

Charlie clearly goes down the rabbit hole, or cat door, in this adventure. I mean look at how stoned this cat is to have glowing blue eyes.

On his journey Charlie meets up with some Knowledge Guru Frog who is a smoking a hookah with a brain inside. Since Charlie is Stoned out of his mind from the catnip milk he is easily mesmerized by the Frog and his enchanting song of knowledge. The Frog then smokes off his hookah-brain and tells Charlie about how he needs to destroy the evil three faced yeti and has to save Lemmiwinks to accomplish this feat. Then Charlie proceeds to get even higher after the Frog smokes him out before he leaves.

As Charlie is walking out the Brain in the hookah come alive and looks a little like the alien from ‘Alien’. Anyway, this brain says something to Charlie before he goes on his marry way to save Lemmiwinks. Is it important what the brain said? Maybe. All the viewer knows is this brain has a mouth and it could have spoke many wise words to Charlie.

As Charlie leaves the Guru From he is guided by a sward in the sky that takes him to his companion Lemmiwinks. Charlie fights off the demon protectors and saves Lemmiwinks with his super power meow.

On they go to the fortress of the evil Three-Faced Yeti.

As Charlie and Lemmiwinks look on they see how evil and mistreating the Three-Faced Yeti truly is and they know they must stop him.

A battle breaks out. Who will be the victor in this battle of good vs evil? Watch the video below to find out.

*Disclaimer* This is just my synopsis of the music video. You should really check it out and take from it what you will.


Mastodon Resources

Mastodon Official 

Mastodon Facebook Page

Something really cool Mastodon is doing is auctioning off one-of-a-kind set pieces from the music video on ebay. Bid Here!  A portion of the proceeds will go to The Humane Society of the United States.

The Crew


Skinner (

Shane Morton (

Video Rahim (

Creative Direction:

Mark Szumski and Gina Niespodziani

Produced by:

Shane Morton (

Hey Beautiful Jerk (

Story and Character Design by:

Skinner (


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