As mainstream Hollywood monsters go, and consider that an ill-famed statement, I love the Hollywood horror staples. Michael Myers truly captures the James Dean “quiet cool” of the horror world.

Jason Voorhees has long since been the blunt instrument of horror, with Freddy Krueger as the inventive funny man killing his victims within their very dreams. Mike, on the other hand, has and will always be the embodiment of the boogeyman: a faceless, voiceless, unstoppable dark shadow eliminating anyone in his way.

Since 1978, Mr. Myers has slashed his way through 8 sequels (7 if you don’t count H3: Season of the Witch) and an additional reboot and sequel. My favorite aspect of this multi-million dollar grossing horror icon is his resistance to change. Through the years many, if not all, other movie monsters have had makeovers or complete design changes. Jason started with a potato bag as a mask eventually moving to his signature hockey mask. His look then evolved into something resembling a body building zombie. Freddy’s overall look may not have changed as much as Jason’s but the difference is undeniable, ranging from modifications in fedoras and glove designs from film to film.

Mike, on the other hand, had shown little to no change until his reboot in 2008. Even then, all that had changed was his size and back story. The mask remained the same, as well as the overall mechanics and his signature kitchen knife. In my youth, I always found his weapon of choice to be a bit frightening considering every kitchen has one.

In Summary, I love Mike and find him to be the most frightening of the big three villains who represent horror (Jason, Freddy, Mike) for all these reasons. I don’t know what is on the horizon for Mr. Myers, but always remember this: “evil…pray that it dies, but it never will. It just… rests awhile.”

Written by: Randy Hill
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