Alejandra O’Leary – Everest

I’m a sucker for a good night of reminiscing with the musicians of my teens. The 90’s were a time for musicians to push the envelope and create music that they felt from their weird and misunderstood souls. The women of the 90’s were some of the best examples of expression of oneself and empowerment. So to stumble upon a musician who brings those feelings to the foreground of my mind, they are automatically something special in my cold, musical heart. Alejandra O’Leary just released her first single off of her upcoming album Everest. The song is called Wires and I was immediately transported back to the days of Veruca Salt, Concrete Blonde, and Letters To Cleo. All that is missing is my baby t’s and combat boots. Oh and Friday night plans to hang out at Empire Records. Don’t let my little spiral back to my youth fool you. This song is as current as the best of them. Alejandra has captured my heart and attention by infusing her sound with nostalgia and it works perfectly. Everest drops on June 7th and this new fan of hers cannot wait to hear the rest.



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