A boy wearing a futuristic space helmet and goggles demonstrates the wonders of Robert the Robot, a new toy manufactured by the Ideal Toy Corp. The robot will be showcased this summer at the American Fair in Moscow. It walks, it talks, its eyes light up – all by remote control, and for a 1959 price tag of about six dollars.

21-year old Eli Raybon has debuted his newest single Empathy Test off his upcoming album Supertoys and it is everything we come to expect from this sci-fi retro synth-pop artist. Listening to this track, you find it impossible that Eli is this young. He has tapped into the 80’s retro sound like he grew up seeing those bands in the small rock venues they started in yet he has also captured a futuristic sound that gives it a fresh and unique sound. The album launches on July 12th but here you can listen to the single below. I guarantee that you will immediately fall in love with this eclectic artist.



You can follow Eli on his website and in his social media world:












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