A boy wearing a futuristic space helmet and goggles demonstrates the wonders of Robert the Robot, a new toy manufactured by the Ideal Toy Corp. The robot will be showcased this summer at the American Fair in Moscow. It walks, it talks, its eyes light up – all by remote control, and for a 1959 price tag of about six dollars.

Our favorite Sci-Fi synth-pop artist has released another single from his highly anticipated debut album Supertoys. After hearing Empathy Test a few weeks back, I have been itching for more music from this crazy artist. Saturday Night’s in Space is exactly what you would expect it to sound like and it is one of the most fun songs I have heard in a while. Some of his trademark futuristic sounds mixed with some of the greatest saxaphone I’ve heard since Careless Whisper is just the icing on the cake. He has found a way to fuse a disco-esque sound with every song we roller skated to when I was a kid in the 80’s. Yet, I can totally see him opening up for Beck and killin’ it! This is the most excited I have been about an album in decades. I almost want to line up outside my favorite music store to be the first in line to buy this album but that is not how the world is anymore, unfortunately. But July 12th is right around the corner and I can always set my alarm and download it as early as possible, as all of you should be doing along with me.



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