Montreal based indie rock artist James Parm released his debut record Oh My Darling on April 5th. Lyrically, he sings the truth. Being a loner his entire life has led him to observe the world through a different view. “I feel like my music is just a process that allows me to slowly unravel what isn’t truthful about life, so I applied it to processing this feeling of being a cultural outsider.” James expresses himself and the world beautifully in this album. His use of eclectic sounds mixed with his almost monotone vocal style would even grab the attention of the likes of artists like Matt Berninger of The National. Music that reminds you that the world is not all sunshine and rainbows is the kind of music that also reminds you that you are not alone when the going gets tough. James has captured this in this album and I believe that this is just the beautiful melancholy beginning for this incredible artist.



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