Why does Nickelback need to record a straight up Rock/Metal Album? Because they are better than most mainstream Rock/Metal bands!

But when Nickelback makes their way into a conversation you hear people say “Nickelback sucks” or “They are the worst band to ever come out”. Nickelback might be one of the most hated bands of all-time. The hatred toward Nickelback is so great 55,000 people signed a petition against them playing at a Detroit Lions NFL game a couple years back. This is very interesting, considering they are the second best-selling foreign act in the US next to The Beatles. They obviously have a strong following and I believe there are two types of Nickelback fans; Radio And Record Listeners

1. Radio Listeners – These are the fans who only buy the albums based off the single pushed through mainstream (pop) radio circuits. This type of NB fan is the ones who made the band a household name and have multiple multi-platinum albums.

2. Record Listeners – These are the fans, like myself, who actually got into NB with Hesher or even Curb for that matter and followed their success, album by album, all the way through.

As a Record Listener I have come to realize Nickelback needs to record a straight up Rock/Metal Album.

Nickelback is quite an interesting group when it comes to putting together a record. They make records that have equal amounts of pop and rock singles. I’m assuming this is the direct reason why “everyone” hates Nickelback. Since most rock radio stations either suck, need to look up the definition of rock or are dead. The majority of NB singles getting pushed to radio are their pop singles.  So maybe this leaves a bad taste in their fan’s mouths. Whatever the case may be two things are happening.

1. Maybe it’s the cool thing to hate Nickelback.

2. Maybe most people are lying and actually like them.

*Tip for Nickelback. Release a double album in 3 packages.

1. Release a Pop/Acoustic Album

2. Release a Rock/Metal Album

3. Release them individually and as a double album.

The videos below prove Nickelback, in fact, does not suck and kicks more ass than most Rock bands today.

The Rock

It seems Nickelback can play a Metallica song just as good as Metallica can.

 They can actually play Classic Rock pretty damn well.


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