Friday February 13th,  Rebel Soul Revival released their new album Rebel ,the first of their three part album release, at The House Pub in St. Charles, IL.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Rebel Soul Revival’s Matt Keen and ask him some questions about the new album Rebel and moving forward with the two other related album releases. Rebel Soul Revival is a Matt Keen brainchild that is a modern take on a sultry blend of soulful, southern rock, with a grit and kick that would rival early Skynrd and Allman Brothers Band to classic reggae and R&B. Keen brings an intensity that skews the lines between classic and current. This band truly can do it all and prides themselves on a progressive approach to music without forgetting their roots.

The new album Rebel is the first of an innovative three part, cohesive, album release. Over the course of the past year Keen was able to strap down and write the whole record himself. Primarily doing everything himself on Rebel Keen later brought on musicians Drew Doepke, Andrew Vogt, and Nick Stetina to help with the album.  Keen’s main objective for the album was getting a super thick, professional & modern sounding album, in terms of production value, all while keeping to his ode; classic and southern rock. Keen explained “Rebel Soul Revival is really getting back to classic crazy good rock & roll styles”.  This was all possible because Keen had set the time aside to really scrutinize the music to make a clean album his fans will enjoy.

Matt went on telling me about how the album was broken down into three cohesive parts Rebel, Soul, and Revival. While always staying true to the bands roots, the albums will each have their own unique styles ranging from psychedelic Pink Floyd to the attitude of Led Zeppelin playing live at Madison Square Garden keeping fans entertained throughout the three album releases. The first album is already available for free download on Soundcloud or pick up a CD at any of Matt Keen’s solo shows or a RSR show.  I personally think releasing the album in three parts will give fans a chance to get to know the music with the first album and build excitement with the following two.

Moving forward Rebel Soul Revival will have two more album release parties for Soul and Revival completing the three part album around July. Further down the road RSR will be performing and promoting their new albums at a couple different music festivals; currently Beesonstock Music and Arts Festival in Cisne, IL  and White Buffalo Music Festival in Mendota, IL.

I was lucky enough to stop by the album release party at The House Pub Friday night to catch Rebel Soul Revival perform. The energy they brought was amazing. Matt Keen is an artist who takes his and his band mates artistic music playing to the next level. Myself along with every person at the pub Friday night will agree Rebel Soul Revival’s performance was amazing. I am glad I got my phone out to record their last song of the evening, a tribute to The Beatles – Across the Universe with a Rebel Soul Revival twist. Take a peak and don’t forget to check out Rebel Soul Revival’s new album Rebel.

Rebel Soul Revival – Across the Universe (The Beatles)


Here is Rebel Soul Revival’s first of their three part album release, Rebel



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