Today we were blessed with a sneak peak of the new Deadpool mask for the 2016 stand alone Deadpool movie from Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter account.


With the unveiling of the new prototype mask I ask the question; will the new Deadpool movie have any back story from the 2009 Fox Film X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson the Merch with a Mouth before being known as one of Marvel’s favorite characters; Deadpool. In X-Men Origins Wade Wilson is a mercenary working for Stryker’s band of mutants, Team X, before being recruited to the Weapon X program to save his cancer and transform Wilson into even more of a walking weapon. Reynold’s wears a precursor to the typical Deadpool outfit; red jump suit with the double Katana’s but minus the mask.


Reynold’s nails the sarcasm and humor of Deadpool as we see in the elevator scene from X-Men Origins, see the video clip below. Reynold’s even improvised the his lines giving once again securing his role as playing Deadpool in the upcoming 2016 film. Even better is Reynolds secured this role, not officially but won the fans hearts, over 6 years ago. You also see Wade Wilson as a top notch assassin who is very deadly with two Katana’s vs. multiple thugs with automatic guns.

Check it Out

Now the only thing I can possibly not see rolling over into the stand alone Deadpool film are all of the powers Deadpool has acquired after the Weapon X program. Some of the notables mutant powers include the powerful beams of concussive force from his eyes like Cyclops, teleportation like John Wraith, built in swards, and a sewn shut mouth(not so much a power but a convenience for those around Deadpool).


We will see what happens as the year moves on.  All I know is I am looking forward to the stand alone film and the leaked test footage makes me even more excited. Enjoy and stay tuned.

In the mean time enjoy the Deadpool test footage featuring Ryan Reynolds:


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