If you are like me, you were probably quite upset when you heard Rob Zombie say that he was done making films after Lords of Salem. But the fans of his sick and twisted flicks, and myself, rejoiced when we heard the news that he is back to fill the void in our eager horror loving hearts.

“31” is a story about 5 people who are kidnapped on the days leading up to Halloween. They are taken to a place called Murder World where they must play a violent game called 31 where the mission is to survive 12 hours against a gang of evil clowns. In true Zombie fashion, the plot is all sorts of brutal and his beautifully wicked wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, is starring in the film.

31 Teaser

Rob-Zombie-31-Artist-ViewFor months now, Rob has been working diligently to get his film “31” off the ground. Like always, he has been teasing us with press, Instagram photos and official prints directly from the 31 Art Department. But this time around, he’s doing things a little differently and is reaching out to his fans for help.

Now, some of you may look at ‘Crowdfunding’ as a way for artists to get free money. I’ve heard many complaints over the years from fans who are completely turned off by popular artists hitting their fans up for money to fund a project. I too have found myself questioning why someone with a reputation for success and money of their own would even think about asking their fans to pay up. But after reading an interview that Loudwire.com did with Rob Zombie, an entirely different picture was painted in my mind.

We all have heard the stories of how illegal downloading and piracy has changed the face of the music industry. But, no one really talks about how they affect the world of film making. In this interview, Rob tells us that the film industry has taken a sharp turn to follow the same path as music did.

“I mean, there’s something going on in the movie business that’s not unlike what’s going on in the record business. I hate talking about it because it’s just a fact of life and it is what it is, but the piracy of records – obviously record sales are done – but there’s also the piracy of movies. A lot of movies like this, say ‘The Devil’s Rejects for instance; those movies may not have done insane box office, but they did insane DVD sales – like, ridiculous. So that’s why those movies will get made, because the companies knew, well if it doesn’t blow up at the box office it’s going to blow up on home video. But now home video is going through the same thing that CDs went through. So as these revenue streams dry up, it gets harder and harder to get studios or anybody to want to put money to anything that they don’t see as a bona fide crowd-pleasing smash hit. That’s why basically the only movies you see are blockbusters and tiny, tiny independent films.”

So, where does this leave the film makers who fall in between? They can either settle for a low budget movie through whatever studio decides to take the chance or they are forced to think outside of the box.

Cue: Crowdfunding page.

RZ discusses 31 Crowdfunding

So what are the benefits of Crowdfunding in this situation? There is already a cult-like following for anything that Rob Zombie touches. His reputation in the Horror world will definitely stand the test of time. Which means more people out there to ‘back’ his project. Fans get a chance to be a part of the film. Bragging rights. “I donated xxx to “31”! I helped make it happen.” Then, of course, there’s the perks of ‘backing’ a project. The rewards. Official 31 gear. Signed DVDs of the movie. Movie posters. A daily phone call from Rob Zombie himself! (Yes, I will be getting that phone call every day from the set) Donating money has its perks and then some, in this case.

But what does it mean to the film maker? Free reign to make the film however his psychotic heart desires. Creative freedom. With over 4,000 ‘backers’ and counting, Rob Zombie will have the money to make “31” a product of the nightmare that originally inspired it. He can cast who he wants. Film where he wants. Promote any way he chooses. Crowdfunding gives artists a way to actually create their dreams with the help of their fans.

I love everything about this project. I already know that the movie is going to be phenomenally insane when it’s complete! I will continue to follow his journey and tell his story through Artist View Blog because this story is exactly why we created our site. To support the artists and help bridge the gap between them and their fans.


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