If you are like me, you are most likely still suffering withdrawals from your life without Jax and the rest of the SAMCRO MC. It’s been over 2 months since the characters we fell in love with left our Tuesday nights void of the familiar rev of motorcycle engines and the sound of the gavel crashing down on the SAMCRO clubhouse table. So you can imagine my delight when I heard the news today that some of my favorite characters are reuniting in a film later this year.

Street Level is the name. It is set to hit theaters on Christmas day of this year. IMDb.com officially lists Happy (David Labrava) as the writer, director and cast member along with his fallen MC brother Bobby (Mark Boone Junior). But with a little help from Mr. Google, I found a lot of familiar faces linked with this production.

Sully Ema (Godsmack) – Marilyn Manson – Danny Trejo – Drea de Matteo
Emilio Rivera – Charisma Carpenter – Robert Patrick

After watching the teaser on YouTube, I gathered a few obvious plot points. We have drugs, hookers, junkies, cops and bad guys. With the cast of characters behind this film you shouldn’t be surprised by this at all. It has the feel of a Son’s episode which was a nice taste of nostalgia but left me thinking the budget is pretty low if they had to raid the SOA dressing rooms for costumes.

All in all, this movie has the potential to be pretty decent as long as the story line is good. It is too soon to tell if I will be lining up at the theater or waiting for it to pop up on my Netflix homepage. As a writer, I do hope David Labrava’s first film is successful. I think the cast of characters are capable of making magic together. The soundtrack should be pretty amazing if Sully and Marilyn are behind it. I suppose the worst case scenario is that my fellow Son’s fans and I will get to see Bobby Munson living and breathing once more. He literally looks exactly the same minus his leather vest!

Check out the teaser and tell me what you think? There are other familiar faces, that I just can’t name, hidden in there too.


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