Super Troopers 2 The Time is Meow

Catchy title right? I though the same but I was thinking No Shenanigans was a little better because I thought it up. And who knows; maybe, No Shenanigans, will be the tagline come 2016.

The Time is Meow

It has been awhile since the original Super Troopers debuted at the 2001 Sundance Film Fest and now the fellas at Broken Lizard Industries are back. The Time is Meow to get up and join the movement to get this movie started this summer. Meow here is the catch; the fellas at Broken Lizard Industries can only make this movie if they raise the money themselves; saving the hassle with studios, lawyers, and what not. This way the fans can get in on the action and earn some sweet perks such as shirts, early tickets to the movie, copies of the movie, signed posters, and maybe even Farva dropping by your house to “hangout” with your wife. If those prizes don’t work for you then maybe hanging out with the crew at a baseball game, jugging against them in a Beer Fest competition in Chicago, a part in the new movie and/or keep the patrol car from the movie is more your style(only a $35,000 contribution).

Don’t believe me? Well take a listen to the guys in this short promotional video.

Many prizes and they are going fast. With a set goal of $2,000,000 the campaign has already gathered over a few hundred thousand dollars in the first few hours of their campaign. For all we know Farva might be getting out of the trunk sooner than we thought.

Lets go over this again


Pretty simple.

The more money donated the more amazing the movie will be. $2,000,000 is for a bare bones film so lets contribute and see an amazing sequel with more Farva, bigger stunts, louder explosions, more bearf**king, and maybe even Kate Upton. So lets help the fellas at Broken Lizard Industries out; Steve Lemme; Mac, Paul Soter; Foster, Erik Stolhanske; Rabbit, Kevin Heffernan; Farva, and Jay Chandrasekhar; Thorny and help get this movie made.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign: Super Troopers 2


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