Award winning film TURBO KID has released a full trailer and an August 28th release date.

This is a story about a boy who follows in the footsteps of his favorite comic book character, Turbo Rider, to save the girl and take on the evil overlord in this twisted sci-fi post-apocalyptic BMX action splatter comedy. And it is right up my alley. To add more to the film they have original music by Le Matos that is going to send this movie to the stratosphere.  TURBO KID has been making rounds at many film festivals and has had very high remarks like winning the Midnighters Audience Award at SXSW. Now that a full trailer has been released the wait has begun till the theatrical and VOD release on August 28th.

Check out the New TURBO KID Trailer

Actual DescriptionIn the distant future of 1997, Zeus ( Micheal Ironside) controls all water sources. The Kid (Munro Chambers) travels the wasteland looking for any remains of civilization. He stumbles on the costume and weapons of his favorite comic book character Turbo Rider and takes on the mantle. He also meets an innocent and always smiling girl named Apple (Laurence Leboeuf) whom he questions, protects and discovers more about.

I have been paying attention to this film since they released their short SXSW trailer and I have been hooked ever since. Being a BMX rider I was so stoked to see a movie embracing the old school BMX elements along with some of the awesome fashion from that era. The film looks like it is blend of Mad Max and RAD loaded with striking characters, gruesome kill shots, sweet powers, wild weapons, 80’s BMX race wear inspired costumes and of course a tricked out unicorn BMX bike. I hope you enjoy the trailer and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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