White Armour A Star Wars Fan Film

Next month, April 2015, the new Star Wars Fan Film White Armour will be coming out for online release. White Armour is described as Generation Kill meets Starship Troopers. The film is set in the Star Wars Universe and will take viewers into the world of a Storm Trooper who has recently been conscripted into the Imperial Forces infamous squad #1919 to hunt down Rebel Scum. Squad #1919 is notable for destroying a moisture farm on Tattooine and taking out Luke Skywalker’s Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru.

White Armour will be filmed showing segments of the war in an observational documentary/short film style. The story goes through the personal struggles a Storm Trooper undergoes while being enlisted with an Imperial Recon Unit. The main character is soon introduced to the strains of fighting an intergalactic war alongside a squad consisting of other soldiers from unknown origins. The soldier will face his worst fears while bonding with his unit.

 “I always dreamt of fighting for the Empire, but I never knew that my dream would become my nightmare”

Most Star Wars fans have seen one too many Fan Films with Jedi’s in the forest wielding light sabers and over extended light saber battles lasting half the film. White Armour will show fans the other side of the intergalactic war and show Storm Troopers kicking ass, taking names, and fighting for the Galactic Empire. White Armour promises their film will be 100% light saber/forest fighting/Jedi free. However, they cannot promise many Rebels will survive.

White Armour is an independent production and is a not for profit short Fan Film made for online release. The film is brought to you by 501st Legion Members James Isacsson and Corie Mills. James is a member of the 501st legion and studied Music Industry Technical Production at RMIT( Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). Corie is a member of the 501st legion, builds props and has worked in sound and lighting for the Geelong Performing Arts Center. Together they have extensive experience building props and working on media projects together over the past few years.

White Armour Trailer

This April follow one mans adventure, serving with the Imperial Recons finest.

White Armour Teaser Trailer

The film has Thermal Detonators strapped to Rebel Spies, AT-AT & AT-ST Walkers, downed pilots in the desert, Bounty Hunters delivering bounty, Slave I, Rebels being over run at an outpost, Storm Troopers kicking ass, Jawas, and much more. The trailers & photos look awesome and, along with other perks, helped White Armour fund their Kickstarter campaign in early January 2015. White Armour has gone through quite a bit over the past year getting everything in order to fund filming, actors, props, costumes, special FX, etc. and they are currently in post production finishing editing. There has not been a hard date set for release but the film will be out this month, April 2015.

Here are some more photos from White Armour to hold you over till the release.

White Armour Resources

Kickstarter Campaign: White Armour
Facebook: White Armour
Twitter: @whitearmourfilm
Instagram: @whitearmourmovie
YouTube: White Armour
501st Legion
501st Legion is an international not-for-profit Star Wars costuming organisation who give their time to raise much needed funds for varying charities. The Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work. 501st Legion Website.


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