WolfCop 2: Breed the WolfPack on Indiegogo

CineCoup, the independent studio behind Lowell Dean’s WolfCop is in the process of raising funds on Indiegogo for WolfCop 2: Breed the WolfPack.

The global cult phenom that set the world on fire in 2014 is back to expand the WolfPack with a booze-infused sequel.

With the rabid enthusiasm from fans, WolfCop has been such a wild success that the sequel “Breed the WolfPack” was greenlit before the first film made it to theaters; “Round of Applause”. WolfCop 2 is fully financed and ready to shoot but are asking fans for extra funds to help build the WolfPack and expand the global reach of WolfCop’s dedicated fan base and to do that they need YOU involved from the start. This time around WolfCop is looking for suggestions from fans about who should be in WolfCop 2. They would love to make an offer to those famous types but they only have enough money for the movie. That is where they are going to need a little extra $upport from the fans to tantalize one of the many heroes into accepting a “juicy roll” in the sequel. With every perk you will earn a Hero Ticket, which enables you to drop a name into the proverbial hat. The perks are looking pretty sweet; Social Media shout outs, props from the set, be in the movie, get killed by WolfCop, and exclusive Indiegogo T-Shirts.

Scene from WolfCop

I wish I had an extra $7,500 laying around because I would love to have the opportunity for WolfCop to rip my face off in the sequel; that would be too cool to be apart of FX Wizard Emersen Ziffle’s magic.

Take a look at the WolfCop 2 Indiegogo video:

Why are you so important? Because without you – our fans – WolfCop never would have been made! WolfCop was created by fans for fans, and we’re keeping that tradition alive. We want all of you directly involved in the booze-and-blood filled awesomeness that will be WolfCop 2! | CineCoup

Support and Learn More About WolfCop 2

As far as my 3 cast suggestions; I have a little time to finalize my selections so I am currently letting my choices marinate until my final decision is needed (I will post my selections soon).

Who would your 3 casting suggestions be? Put your answer in the comments below.

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