WolfCop 2 Cast Picks

WolfCop 2 has run another successful Indiegogo campaign and will be releasing who their cast picks are soon. I recently sent in my hero ticket survey for my choices and I have narrowed the choices down to these three people; Kevin Smith, David Hasselhoff, and Tom Everett Scott. These are my choices and I obviously have a great reasoning for them…sorta.

  1. Bratzi

    Kevin Smith as Bratzi from “Yoga Hoser”

    Kevin Smith: I can only imagine the character Smith would become with the help of Emerson Ziffle. From the image about Smith is no stranger to prosthetic makeup. He can also add another layer of comic value and be an on-set writer, if needed.

  2. The Hoff doing splits in "Kung Fury".

    The Hoff doing splits in “Kung Fury”.

    David Hasselhoff: The Hoff would be a perfect character for WolfCop 2.  He might even be able to sing the theme song for WolfCop 2. I am imagining a Werewolf with a mullet for him.

  3. Tom Everett Scott Werewolf

    Tom Everett Scott BTS of “American Werewolf in Paris”

    Tom Everett Scott: Tom has already been a Werewolf but he has not been a WolfCop. I wanted to find an actor I really liked who has already been a Werewolf and who wasn’t Michael J. Fox. No offence Michael J. Fox but I am pretty sure you are a top pick from most people. Also you will always be Marty McFly to be.

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