WolfCop is a Canadian horror comedy film from writer/director Lowell Dean. The film was originally released exclusively to Cineplex theatres nationwide on June 6, 2014. It is the first film chosen for production from the CineCoup Film Accelerator. The plot revolves around an alcoholic small town cop who transforms into a werewolf after being cursed. – WolfCop.com

“This movie will rip your face off” – Gil.

Lou Garou(Leo Fafard) is a small town cop who has more than a drinking problem. He blacks out when he drinks and is no stranger to waking up in unfamiliar surroundings. Recently things have taken a strange turn in his small town. The crime scenes Lou visits are becoming oddly familiar as if he has been there before. As the full moon approaches Lou’s senses are heightened until he becomes a full fledged rage-fueled werewolf.

WOLFCOP is one cop’s quest to become a better man…One transformation at a time.”

(Possible Spoiler Alert) This Canadian horror comedy will not disappoint. As I sat down to watch this movie I did not have any expectations, because I was not familiar with the movie, but that quickly changed. I was instantly hooked and even more curious about how the main character becomes a werewolf but instead I saw an alcoholic cop who is more interested in getting his next drink rather than help the citizens of his small town. Which is actually really hilarious and makes for a very entertaining movie. In one of the first scenes Lou is hungover puking before he can pull out of his driveway and then is drinking from his flask while driving his cop car through town when he comes to a fight on the side of the road and he does nothing but drive past. This explains a little bit about our main character’s personality before he finds out he has been cursed as a werewolf. Another factor in the movie that caught my attention was that the werewolf origin is unlike most werewolf movies. In most cases someone turns into a werewolf after affliction, being scratched or bit like a vampire, but WolfCop takes on the victim being placed under a curse. And things get a hell of a lot better once we see the man to werewolf transformation.

The film relies on a retro-style of practical effects rather than all of the computer generated imagery(CGI) most fans are used to seeing; especially when it comes to blood and gore. What this means is viewers get a more realistic view when someone is getting their face ripped off instead of a CGI effect(See the image at the top). These practical effects make the man to werewolf transformations awesome. Almost like watching a butterfly emerge from its cocoon but instead of a butterfly it is a werewolf and instead of a cocoon it is human flesh(See images below). There are multiple times you see, monster-maker, Emersen Ziffle’s special effects makeup really bring the movie to life and other times making for very enjoyable scenes.

Besides the awesome special effects the movie is very well done and is highly enjoyable. Even though there is a slight corniness clouding the film it was done on purpose. I mean come on, what cult horror movie isn’t corny? Besides the, necessary, proper corniness the movie was shot very well and does not fail to meet the horror comedy criteria; making this film an instant cult classic. I could not stop from laughing out loud numerous times throughout the movie. We go from puking hungover cop to gang members getting their faces and heads ripped off to a strange sex scene in a jail cell between werewolf and woman. If that last sentence doesn’t make you run to your Netflix account to watch or buy WolfCop I am not sure what will. Get a little taste of WolfCop in the trailer.

Watch the WolfCop Trailer

Now go watch WolfCop and let me know what you thought in the comment section.

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