Derek Zoolander and Hansel made an appearance at the Valentino Runway today at Paris Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week brings out many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. Even Derek Zoolander and Hansel stopped by to promote their new Valentino threads for this years collection.

Thanks to Paramount Pictures, Maison Valentino, and Paris Fashion Week we are blessed with these two gems.


As seen on the left: Derek wears a custom Night Butterflies brocade suit with hand-embroidered overcoat and black Creeper shoes.

While on the right: Hansel wears a Silk Continent print Pajama suit with Double Cashmere overcoat and Open sneakers.

Both of these guys haven’t aged a day. I totally need to find out what they use for their skin, hair, and diet. The Pajama suit Hansel is wearing looks super comfortable and is super affordable. I just might go out and grab one today. And Zoolander wears those different black and blue colors so well.

So hot right now… until February 12, 2016 when Zoolander 2 is set to be released.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson will return in their roles as Derek Zoolander and Hansel. Will Ferrell has been rumored to return as Mugatu and Christine Taylor back as Matilda. Penelope Cruz has been cast in an unknown role but I am taking a guess she will either play another ditsy model or take a role like Milla Jovovich’s Katinka; Magatu’s assistant.


If you missed the Valentino Runway Show check it out here: Valentino Runway Show

Valentino’s Website


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