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This article will go over completing and customizing your Artist View profile. We will finish inputting your information, changing your avatar(profile picture), customize your profile, and linking your other Social Media accounts.

Let’s start from the Artist View dashboard. Click on “Manage My Profile”.

After clicking “Manage My Profile” you will be taken to your profile. On this page you will see a few different buttons allowing you to perform different functions to customize and complete your profile. Let’s focus on the box with the percent complete on your profile.

We will work down this list to complete your Artist View Profile. Click on Complete Your Information.

You will be taken to the screen below. Once here you can input your Customized Profile URL, personal website(If you do not have a website, Artist View can be your personal website), and write a little about yourself and what you do.

The sections below the “About” section will change depending on your profession. For example; the above example is for a band. You can add members, label, and manager. Other professions will have other categories to fill in. With each category start typing and the name will appear.

Go back to your Artist View profile by clicking either of the these links from the Account Settings page:

Once you are back at your Profile Page you will see your Profile Percentage in the top right has moved to 70% complete. You will also notice the information you input from the last step is now displayed on the left side of your profile.

Let’s move down the list to “Change Your Avatar”.

After clicking either of the two links you will be taken to the small screen above. The recommended image specs are 400×400 – 5MB Max size. Uploading a new profile picture is just like how we covered in Artist View Uploading Your Media(Part 1); you can either drag & drop or Select a File. You can also select a previously uploaded image for your profile picture.

Next we will customize the design of your profile:


You will notice below the Media Drag & Drop area we give the recommended image specifications. The header image is recommended to be 960×200 – 5MB max size and the background image is recommended to be 1600×1082- 5MB.

I already have some saved images on my computer that are the recommended size I will use to customize this profile example.

Now that we have finished customizing the profile the profile percentage has moved to 90%. The last thing to do is link your social media accounts. When you click on “Link Social Accounts” you will be taken to the “Account Settings” page where you can link your other social media accounts.

Fill in your social media account links.

After you are done filling in your social media account information click “Save Changes”. Then go back to your profile page.

You will notice there is no longer a “Profile % Complete” box on your profile because you have completed your profile. We now recommend browsing the main category pages and become friends with other members. We also recommend joining a group and/or event and browsing members Stores. Joining a group and/or event and having fans and/or friends will fill in more of your profile but is not mandatory to finish your Artist View profile.

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