Artist View Uploading Your Media (Part 1)

By now you have signed-up and registered for an Artist View account. You are now ready to upload your artwork. Artist View allows members to upload three different media types; Music, Video, and Images in a variety of different formats. Uploading media takes only a short moment. This article will take you through some of the basics of uploading media.

Lets start by getting to the My Media page. You can access your My Media from multiple places on your profile page. From either the drop down menu in the top right corner or the center of the page.

Once you have accessed My Media, the page should look like the image below. You will also notice this is the same page you come to after creating your profile.

Either, Drag & Drop or Select a File to upload your media. One file or multiple items(Up to 10) can be uploaded at a time. Files will begin to upload then start to convert. Media files will convert in a matter of a few moments; depending on the file size (larger files may take longer).

Once the files are converting or done converting you will be able to Edit your media. Let’s use the example of uploading music files.

Click on the “Edit Songs” button. For other media the button will with have “Edit Videos” or “Edit Images”. This will allow you to edit your media.

At this point you can edit the title of your media, make the piece of media visible/not-visible, edit details, and/or delete your piece of media.

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