Art \ahrt\ noun : the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

…of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. More than ordinary significance… Think about that for a second. The simple idea that people are capable of creating something that is beautiful…something more than ordinary significance. In its very definition, art is described to be this exquisite thing. Art has been with us since as far back as our memories can take us. Books we read as a child. TV shows we watched growing up. We had art and music class in grade school and creative writing in high school. It is everywhere we look from the walls in our home to the sounds coming through the speakers in our car. There is an entire world of people out there doing their art for a living. Others are either trying to make their art a career or are just enjoying doing it in their free time.

Art is everywhere.

So why is it so hard to find it? Why is it so hard for an artist to share it? This is the part that gets me heated. So fair warning…it might get ugly.

There is no money in art. By money, I mean, big money. Big corporate money. The kind that fuels 99% of what is force fed to you day in and day out. Oh look, they are redoing Point Break! Another Batman, oh boy! Doesn’t this song sound just like the other band from last year that sounded like that other band from the year before? Yes, it is amazing that the entire Van Gogh collection will be at the Art Institute in Chicago for the next 3 months, but where do I go to see the new art? What do I have to do to hear a band that sounds like nobody else? Or, God forbid, I want to see a movie with an original plotline! Theaters are filled with plays being redone over and over again. Books are being published because they mimic the writing style of some other Young Author series. Nothing is original anymore. Buildings all look the same. Clothing is boring and predictable. Follow the path that someone else created and make millions from.

Creativity has been stripped away from art by corporate ass-hats, who are only looking for their next dollar. They have taken the best algorithm and put it on repeat. The worst part is, it is working. It will always work. They have made it so that unless you are scouring the internet, digging deep for the unique and the original, it is damn near impossible for an average person to know anything more that what they see in front of their eyes.

Where does this leave the artists? High and dry. We work our full time cubical jobs just to pay the bills to come home and spend our free time trying to create something for the masses…or anyone…who might want to listen to it…see it…experience it. We post pictures and links to our art on social networks hoping that someone might actually take the time to click through and check it out. Bands play to tiny crowds in local bars. Actors perform to a handful of friends and family members at the tiny theater company down the street. Designers go door to door hoping that just one boutique will carry their line. Writers pour their hearts out only to have a few readers stumble upon it online. It’s relentless and frustrating. It’s disheartening. It breaks you down and eats at your soul. “Why is it so hard just to be noticed?”

It is time for things to change. It is time to stop doing all of this work by yourself. In this day and age, it is all in who you know. Hollywood isn’t gonna even spit in your direction unless you know someone on the inside. It is time to play their game to our advantage. There are enough of us out there to run them out of town. You know who I am talking about. The Big Dream…to ‘make it’ doing what you love. Go to LA, Nashville, New York…get discovered. None of that matters anymore. None of that works anymore. The corporate world doesn’t have time to look down from their corner office with a view. So why should we be giving them our time. Quit looking up. Your answers are not there. Look around you instead. It is time that we as artists unite and take back our ART! We are not competing against each other anymore. There is no one paying attention to what we are doing anymore. No one cares anymore.

There is not a single part of your dream that cannot be accomplished on your own. There are other artists out there that can do everything that you need to get done. You have songs to write. Find some musicians. Practice your songs. Find a local recording studio. Record your songs. Find a local artists to create your album art. Find a local writer to create a phenomenal press kit. Send your music to local booking agents and venues. Want to record a video? Find a local videographer. Find some local actors. Record your video. This goes for any art. Painters. Writers. Designers. You just need to find the right people and create one killer team.

So where do we start? Artist View. A place designed by artists that want the same as every other artist. To be able to express themselves and have someone give a damn. That is what Artist View is all about. It’s not another social network. It’s an engagement platform for Artists and their Fans. It is the beginning of where the future of art is going. Gone are the days of waiting to be picked up by one of the top corporate giants. Screw them and their ordinary ways. This is the future. This is our time. Let us band together and follow our dreams. It is time to bring back the concept of more than ordinary significance to the world of art.

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