What happens when two, longtime friends come together to create music inspired by the scene that brought them together? Magic. That’s what happens. Rich and Raymo, RaR, are from Australia. They met on the dancefloor and have remained friends ever since. I had a chance to find out more about this EDM duo and here’s what we talked about.

AV: How did you guys meet?

RaR: We met hanging around nightclubs, stayed in touch then decided to write music together last year.

AV: What inspired you two to work together musically?

RaR: We both live for music and talked about it often. Rich had been far more into it than Raymo so he was the guy Raymo went to when he wanted to get to work making tracks.

AV: How do you go about creating your music? The songwriting process?

RaR: We now start by looking for a good vocalist. Then we come up with a hook and some lyrics and get the recording artist to do their best with that. Then the real work begins taking what the recording artist provides (always different from what was written) and making it into something that works as a track.

AV: What do you believe each of you brings to this group?

RaR: We each bring different things and the same things. The different are Rich is highly skilled technically and Raymo is beyond persistent in his approach. The things we both bring are brutal honesty and the desire to write great stuff which directly contributes to the musical outcome.

AV: What has been the best part of this journey?

RaR: Working together. Having fun.

AV: What are your immediate future plans?

RaR: More tracks. The learning curve is still pretty steep for us so the focus is on writing better and better tracks for now.

Fun facts

First album purchased:
Blue Monday new order

Guilty pleasure artist:

Last concert you attended:

Last song you listened to:
God’s Plan

Next album you plan on purchasing:
Anything from Kygo, Skrillex, Guetta, Diplo, Beyoncé, Eminem, Jamie Foxx or Ed Sheeran

Name 3 bands/groups that everyone should be listening to, besides yourself:
Drake, Adele, Sam Smith


We want to thank RaR for taking the time to tell us a little more about their journey. Check out their song below and if you love it, click the iTunes link below to download it.

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