C2E2 Revisited

Last Friday, I went to the 6th annual Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) at McCormick Place. I went and checked out everything C2E2 had to offer in my one day adventure; comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga, video games, and Jay & Silent Bob. McCormick Place was packed with hundreds of exhibitors which was a little overwhelming. When I walked into the main room I just thought “C2E2 is huge” especially since this was my first time and also because there was so much to take in. In my one day I browsed the aisles, bought a few prints of some cool fan art, talked with some amazing people, and saw the Friday main event; “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old”.

While I was browsing I did remember to take a few photos of some of the Artist booths as well as some other random goodies.

One of my favorites: Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? C2E2 of course; she may have been planning on stealing the McCormick Place or the Chicago”L”. However, I did not find Waldo and usually I see him at these types of events and also a lot of concerts. Maybe next time.

The Artist Alley

These artists are so talented and they have so much awesomeness. Here is a little taste of what was going on in the Artist Alley.

As you can see these Artists have skill and offer a wide assortment of original art and fan art.

I didn’t go to any panels, meet & greet with any special guests, or sneak peaks. But I did get to see one of the main events; “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old”. After arriving an hour late to the event, Jay & Silent Bob (Jason Mewes & Kevin Smith) did their thing and entertained the hell out of the crowd. The photo below was only a fraction of the fans waiting to see “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old”. I was really glad I got 2nd tier seating because the line was longer than the line for Space Mountain.

During “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old” Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes had me laughing my ass off. They told funny stories, sex stories, behind the scenes stories, and acted out air sex positions with fans from the crowd. One of Kevin Smith’s stories was about a time when he was writing in his bathroom on the toilet and his wife Jen heard him laughing. He went into detail about him laughing at his own joke and Jen saying it was creepy as hell hearing him laugh from the shitter. So she asked him to tell her the joke and after Kevin told Jen the joke she said it was really dumb and to take it out of the movie. Smith said if he listened to her opinion most of his jokes would be pulled from his movies. He also mentioned Jen likes “Tusk” but not his other comedy’s. This joke in particular was for the upcoming movie “Mallrats 2” and went something like this. William (Ethan Suplee) is now a security guard at the local mall. He is talking to, I believe it was Brodie(Jason Lee), about how ever since “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” came out kids have no respect for Mall Security Guards. Brodie says this is a shame and it can’t be all that bad when William tells him that it is awful “they came up to me and called me a “Walking Abortion” and it was in front of my mom”. This gave me a good feeling about what we will expect from “Mallrats 2”.

Another part of the show I enjoyed was Smith talking about the filming of “Yoga Hosers”, which is a crossover story with “Tusk” about two teenage yoga enthusiasts, both named Colleen (Harley Quinn Smith & Lily Rose Melody Depp), who team up with legendary man-hunter, Guy Lapointe (Johnny Depp), to battle with an ancient evil presence that is threatening their major party plans. Smith goes on about how Jason Mewes was not able to wear prosthetic on his face for the movie and he really wanted Mewes to have a role. So Smith rewrote a scene at the police station and included Mewes as a “rogue cop”. Mewes’ role was to escort the two girls into an interrogation room so Guy Lapointe could ask them some questions. During the scene Mewes had an awesome impromptu line to Johnny Depp(Guy Lapointe), Mewes salutes Guy as he turns to go into the interrogation room and says “You are like the Canadian Batman”. As ridiculous as that sounds Smith said the line will stay in the movie. These short stories are super entertaining because I already am interested in seeing the movies “Yoga Hosers” and “Mallrats 2”, when released, but now I really want to see them because of hearing the behind the scenes stories.

Besides Kevin Smith’s great stories about his upcoming movies there was Jason Mewes’ more riskay parts of the show. His sex story and “Act out a Sex Position with Jason Mewes” where fans from the crowd come up on stage and act out air sex positions that Jay has come up with. For C2E2 the positions were themed after comics. Smith and Mewes brought up two guys and one girl and acted out “The C2E2 69”, “With a Great Penis Comes Great Responsibility”, and “Hulk Smash Ass”. They were all very funny but the “Hulk Smash Ass” was the best. Now I will not go into great detail about the sex story as it will be a lot better told by Mewes. And I will update this article as soon as the Smodcast us uploaded. But I will give you a little taste. Mewes was at another Comic Con when a girl and him were making quite a bit of eye contact when she walks up to him and gives him a comic. Inside the comic was a note and one thing led to the next and they met up later that evening in Jay’s room. You will have to get the rest the juicy details when the Smodcast is posted online Wednesday.

Till next year C2E2.

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