With every place that he has been, Ajay Mathur has heard something new. Born in India, living in Switzerland, touring Europe through decades, with stops in Japan and others. When it comes to sound, Ajay has a lot in his musical toolbox. It all starts with talent. He already has one Grammy nomination to show for that. Just one listen to his latest album Little Boat will demonstrate what Ajay can do.

The album begins with Here’s the Love. the song is a case study in Americana. Forget About Yesterday surprises with a Bollywood intro blending to pop. The beat is catchy but never overwhelms the variety of sounds that Ajay is able to blend together with perfect mixture. Blasting back to seventies Americana on Start Living Again, complete with southern drawn guitar work and a harmony section circa Eagles.

Only four songs and another departure. Grooving in Paris blends blues and pop. The title track Little Boat, feels like something akin to Bowie or Pink Floyd. There We Are is a ballad with pop appeal. Blasting hard with straight-ahead stare is the rocker My Wallet is a House of Cards.

Ordinary Memory is a story of heartbreak and moving on. While I’m Still Standing Here feels like Supertramp. Scaling back to a simple acoustic start is the tender song All Your Thoughts. Harmonica and bluesy guitar trace this one to somewhere along a Zeppelin ballad.

And again the departure with Who’s Sorry Now. The song blends and eastern mythical Indian feel. The final song is Time for Deliverance. Hosting back up singers and slow guitar with a good amount of R&B; sounding like a Joe Cocker track written for Jackson Browne.

Many artists try to be someone else. Many try to stick to one thing and make a career out of it. Then some just hear music and make music without fear or definition. Ajay is one of the latter. His fearless pursuit of music pays off on Little Boat.



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