I am a sucker for bands that are heavily influenced by the 60’s and 70’s. There is just something about that era of storytelling against music that hits home for me. Sacramento’s American High fits right in that comfy spot in my heart. Its eclectic and groovy sound keeps the momentum throughout their newest album Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement. This is the kind of band that you put on at a party to keep the energy flowing. Or the band that you go out of your way to see play live because you know the experience will be one for the books.




We’re 4 guys who love rock and roll and love songs and songwriting.  We pay respect to brilliant artists that have gone before.  But in our own way.  Our songs are influenced by whatever bubbles up from the subconscious.  We give equal weight to all ideas/hooks/harmonies, regardless of which decade they harken to.

It’s hard to believe that this is actually an anti-war record but what better way to protest the cost of fighting than to put it to catchy tunes? Check out their album below to see for yourself!



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