One of the greatest gifts an artist could give the world is music that gives it’s listeners something to think about. When a song makes you reflect inward and question life, it can be very powerful. Charity Ekeke’s debut album She does more than this. It can sometimes be difficult to write music that touches the topics that Charity does. But she has found a perfect balance between writing a beautiful album and telling the tales of her struggles growing up in Nigeria, moving to America and current events both domestic and abroad. You can hear her questions and concerns about woman all over the world; topics that are not normally put to melodies. It’s a brave and extraordinary album…20 years in the making.



Charity never imagined that this album would ever become a reality. Balancing work and raising children on her own have brought many challenges to getting this album off the ground over the years. But it is here now and it is making an impact. The full album is available on iTunes, Spotify & Amazon MP3. Be sure to check this work of art out.

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