Ann Wilson…Joan Jett…Lzzy Hale…

These woman have power behind their voices. They continue to stand on their own. They move generations with their art. These woman stand for everything that fuels women to be amazing. So when I listen to an artist and am reminded of women like this, I instantly am drawn to them. Christina Rubino’s upcoming album Godspeed & Guns has a place in this world of powerful ladies. Her raspy and soulful voice flows through your heart as she pours her heart out about love, life and living.

Just a couple of bad seeds growing in the sun.

It’s refreshing to hear an album this intense and heartbreaking. Every song left me wanting more. From the blood pumping, cruising down the street with the top down in the summer opening track Down To the Sea at Daybreak to the delicate keys and fluid confessions of Orbit, this album will hit you where you can feel it every time. The title track Godspeed & Guns reached into my heart and strangled it for the entire 5 minutes and 17 seconds of the song. She has no fear. This album is guts and glory set to music. The Shadow of a Ghost with its punk roots made me want to grab my leather bomber jacket and head to CBGBs for the night. Then she surprises you with the sweet Feather and its beautiful visuals. Or her ironic filled questions in Ha Ha calling out the ones who have forgotten all of their truths. I crumbled a bit listening to Lullabye. It has been a long time since a song about a mother and her children hit me as hard as this one did. As I worked through the album, I was pleasantly surprised to hear familiar words in her ballad Irish Blessing. And just as we started down by the sea at daybreak, we end this beautiful album revisiting the sea in Down to the Sea at Dusk.

She truly has a way to tell her story and her thoughts. The passion in her voice and emotions in her words…Christina has found her way in to my heart and also in my playlist. You will have a chance to hear the entire album on Valentines Day! I can’t think of a better day to share these songs with the world.

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