There is nothing like a DJ that can instantly connect with you. When their mixes flow right through your body and create an atmosphere within you. Their creations become a part of your journey…your story. That is what happened to me when I listened to Chuck Daggers single Further. It took over the moment and became the soundtrack to everything I was experiencing at that moment. A good storyteller creates a piece that when its heard by someone, it becomes their own. A true poet doesn’t even need words to accomplish this. Chuck Daggers is that poet. His craft is perfection and you hear it in every moment of this song. This isn’t a song that is meant to only be danced to. It is meant to be heard. Felt. Introduced into your mind and stir things up.

This is the first of 5 singles being released on the last Friday of each month through July 2018. This is a beautiful tease of what is yet to come.



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