Crooked Flower has released Darkness and Light, a four song EP from the Berkeley-based band. The release features the R&B/Soul vocals of Angelina Dang.  The psychedelic quartet is rounded out by Daniel Erik on bass, Dan Ingberman on guitar, and Patrick Shields on drums. The band blends smoothly with tight riffs and rhythm. The vocals infuse with a feeling space as though one were lost and feeling their way through somewhere dark.

The first song on the record, Moving On, represents them perfectly and is beautiful in delivery. Tunnel of Light kicks from the start with a nice bass line that characterizes the song. Angelina’s vocals are intense, smooth, and soulful. The track hearkens to No Doubt blended with Crooked Flower’s progressive rock. Boyfriend has a ‘sit down with a guitar’ folk style to this track. The versatility of the band is on display as the track plays on. The EP ends with a trip down an instrumental exploration entitled Bells of Brixton. Clocking in at eleven minutes and fifty seconds, it is a display of electronic and phonic musicianship. This band is talented and only needs more ears to open their way.


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