My music is unlike any other, just as I am. Now the world will hear a new way to listen. -JahkR

A powerful quote for a powerful album. JahkR’s upcoming LP Catharsis is unlike anything I have ever experienced. The definition of catharsis is the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. This LP is exactly that. It is an intense blend of upbeat rhythms mixed with an almost end of days vibe fills each song. You can hear his journey in each and every beat. Each song is created perfectly to reflect only what the listener wants to hear from it. The EDM roots intertwined throughout this work of art gives it an energy that you can feel deep inside of your chest. I can picture these songs as the back drop for a dark and twisted movie or one where the hero overcomes adversity and impossible odds. It’s pure genius. It has the ability to stand out in the crowd. It is also now a permanent addition of my workout playlist.


The album release is yet to be announced so until then, check out his social world and the songs he has shared on his website:



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