One thing that is rare in music is the understanding of composition and the ability to take someone on a journey with sound. The ability make a variety of sounds and arrange them in such a way that the music produced touches the heart in such a way that the listener feels the indescribable. James Labrosse has done just that with his first full-length album Orange Night. The album is one of intricate arrangements that flow easily and seamlessly. James blends different influences of R&B, Soul, Jazz, Synthesizer, Flamenco guitar, and Pop.

Intro/Overture is a mood setter of instrumental exploration giving the listener just a taste of what follows. A soulful feel dominates the next track Find A Way. The first of many guests vocalists on the album, Melissa McMillan’s vocals remind one of Sade. The ease of mood and smooth flow settle the mind.

The third track I’ve Changed features Ryan Egan on vocals. The song reminds me of a pop song in the style of eighties new romantics. The next song Magnets clocks in at eight minutes and four seconds but trust me it uses the time to great result. Featuring the beautiful vocals of Raquel Rivera. James has an incredible ability to arrange with the vocalist in mind, truly capturing the soul. The guitar work by James is gorgeous. At the two minute mark, the acoustic sound is soon joined by other players giving the track and ethereal feel. It is a journey of emotion and mood that ends in a wind of synth that echoes like a cathedral.

The title track Orange Night features Jonathan Hoard on vocals. The track is another beautiful combination of styles. Pre_nostalgia features another appearance by Raquel Rivera on vocals. Her voice wins me on this one as well. Another example of James’ ability to compose beautiful arrangements suited to the vocalist. Post_nostalgia has a tribal feel featuring drums and woodwinds that wake the listener to a far-off place. The sound is almost primal and awakening.

The final song on the album is La Manana. The vocals are in Spanish sung powerfully by Angeles Toledano. There is an old-world feel that is passionate and primal juxtaposed by absolutely beautiful guitar work. The end of the song, also the ending of the album, finalizes with an organ that haunting.

James Labrosse has recorded a beautiful album of music. His skill in composition is rare and he deserves to be noticed. It is an absolute joy in sound.



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