I am a huge fan of pretty voices and even prettier songs. They are my lullabies. My calm in the chaos of life. I seek them out with a vengeance and play them over and over until they become a part of me. Jessica Domingo is my new favorite find and her song Wonderland has been on repeat for the past couple days. Her sultry, sexy vocals sing me to a quieter place. There is almost a cosmic feel to her music. Her beauty only adds to the talent that is pouring from her lips.

This song has everything. Stunning visuals laid upon your ears…and I’m not even talking about the video yet. There is a magic to her voice. A life to her sound. It takes you away to a special place where the only thing that matters is the music. This track is like a beautiful dream. It leaves you wanting to return. I truly believe that this is only the beginning of her journey.


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