Just when you start to think that a certain theme has been played out musically, an artist surprises you with yet another song that hits your heart like a Muhammad Ali Anchor Punch. Jo-B Sebastian’s Ghost has a deep and haunting beat that sets the tone for the truth his lyrics reveal. The ending of a relationship sometimes leaves such a powerful void that it feels like its an actual presence. It can drive you to insanity thinking of all the forgotten memories and words that were said. Jo-B has captured how much this loss can tear your world apart. Its tragically beautiful. A song like this could easily come off cheesy and cliche’. He was able to bypass all of the fluff and give it to you good. Heartbreakingly real.



I’ve been counting down the days since you’ve walked away. Still I can’t find words to day to try and make you stay. And I wont get over you. I’ve been trying too. Baby you’re like a ghost.




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