When it comes to a good dance song, there are a few pivotal features that can make or break it. You need that beat. The one that makes you wanna move along with it. Perfectly pounding base and a unique tempo to keep the energy around it alive. Then you need one hell of a singer. Females tend to take the lead in this department because their voices stand out and become a part of the melody. Last, but certainly not least, you need that drop. A break in the song completely or that moment after the second chorus where the song drops the tempo and gives the listener a chance to get sexy on the dance floor.

Darkness is a debut single from the Australian duo RaR. The sensual vocals of Elizabeth Robinson flow through this track like it was written for her. There are a lot of Euro Trace influences in this song which in my opinion, were some of the best dance songs written in this century. This track is dance floor ready. This duo has the talent and the heart to create genius. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next.




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