what-do-i-do-front-coverThis might be a mighty bold claim…but this artist I am listening to could possibly be the Canadian Kenny Rogers. *pauses for a moment for you to shake your head* I know. Those are some big shoes to fill but I have been listening to Russell Lee’s new album What Do I Do and I am convinced that this man has the talent to back my statement. If you are a fan of contemporary county rock, you might wanna stay for a song or two. Russell’s voice brings me back to the days where my dad’s band would play live. Growing up in a musical family gives you such an amazing foundation for a love of all music. This album has a fresh and nostalgic feel to it. It’s really hard to explain because it is hitting some personal heart strings for me.


…and then I hear “If you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts could tell. Just like an old time movie ’bout a ghost from a wishing well.”

Gordon freakin’ Lightfoot. Like he didn’t already win me over, he grabbed a hold of me and now I’m his. Maybe its the fact that it is almost midnight and I’m a bit slap happy from all the writing I have done tonight. Or maybe this is just a damn good album. The songs play on like a familiar friend. I honestly can’t imagine a single music lover not enjoying this album.

“May you find the time ahead will be what you’re looking for. May you find the change in life make you wanna be much more. May the life you secretly want find you in your lovely hands. May you see the time ahead give to you all your plans.”

To have an album pull you through so many emotions…that is rare. As I restart the album for the 3rd time, I know that this collection of songs will stay with me for a long time. Russell Lee has a new fan in me. For life.


Here is his music video for Picture

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