Every successful musician or band has a past filled with overcoming obstacles. Just watch a few episodes of VH1’s Behind the Music and you will hear stories of members leaving, record companies taking all their money, and bands working their @sses off just to get heard. But nothing quite compares to the story behind the band Sideffects. A true story of passion fueling their fight against the odds that will lead anyone with a heart to take a listen. This group was founded in Latakia, Syria in 2010 as a cover band. War broke out soon after that and they soon found themselves spread all over the globe after fleeing for safety. How does a band stick together through this?

The members of Sideffects utilized the power of the internet to continue to collaborate. The created their debut album, Emperors for the Day, with each member bringing their talent to the mix along with other musicians they knew locally to create an album that can stand in the ranks with the best Alternative Albums to date. Their sound is full and immense. Their lyrics are haunting and filled with their incredibly, nearly impossible journey.

They released their single Never the Same on March 14th, 2017 and it has everything a rock song deserves to have. The album release will be announced later this year, but this song will hold you over till then!



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