You may remember a review I did a few months ago about this bluegrass duo and their title track The Miller Girl. I fell in love with that song instantly. There is just something about the soft and gentle vocals against a good ol’ bluegrass riff. Easiest way to my heart. Always.

Well, I am finally getting a chance to share with you their entire debut album. Let me tell you, it does not disappoint. This is one of those albums you can put on and just let it play. Or as I call it, CD worthy. Each song has its own story and feel to it. Lyrics that hit home every time. But you don’t need me to go on and on about my love for the album. You can hear it for yourself! So hit play, sit back, and enjoy all ten tracks. Trust me. You will enjoy it as much as I do. Then when you are finished, run on over to their Bandcamp and buy this amazing CD!


See! I told ya it was great! Make sure you follow them in their social world. This duo is just beginning.



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