Award-winning singer/songwriter Suki Rae likes to do things a little differently. Her release Can’t Stop Now is a collaboration featuring a diverse array of genres to deliver her message of positivity and unity. Her soul is on display in this effort that is sure to please those looking for a different message than the negative of the current day to day.

The album begins with the hymnal like lead Peace By Piece. The message of the song is clear and thus sets the tone for the album. It is upbeat in tone and positive in a message of action. Can’t Stop Now is the title track. The song is soulful like a choir. Sounds seem to come from every possible entrance adding to the directness of the message.

I’m Gonna Climb is reminiscent of a late seventies pop sound. The vocals pull from inside. An organ is interestingly juxtaposed with a funk guitar. The album moves forward with Water From the Fountain. a synth sound, almost eighties-like, blends with middle eastern sound. Walking Mandala begins with the soft ease of guitar that carries the listener through a message of meditative reflection.

Waiting For the Light intros with a beautiful piano. The song is uplifting and celebratory. The next song is an attention-grabbing departure in sound. Blues dominate the intriguing There’s someone watchin’ over you. The ability of musicianship is on full display. That Which Hath Been is a haunting almost otherworldly track. The inclusion of an organ shifts the song to an old-world feel that is unflinching in its call.

Cast Away is a song of release and positivity. The kind of song that helps to round the introspection the album is seeking. The final track Alowan is striking. Woodwinds and chants are accompanied by thundering beats. The message of universality is clear.

Suki Rae an company seek the divine. This album is a call to the earth as a community. While some songs may draw the listener to look within, there are no downers on this album. The positive messages are sure to touch the hearts of listeners seeking something more.


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