When I read the words bossa nova in an artist’s bio, you can pretty much guarantee that I am going to give it a listen. Tipsy in Chelsea is the culprit. Their new CD Gaslighter was just released last month and I was pleasantly surprised with each passing song. The production is spotless. I felt like I was in a candlelit lounge with a stage full of musicians just playing the heck out of their instruments. The sound is full yet not cluttered, considering the different instruments composing each song. The vocals are sweet and raspy. A perfect blend of pop and, yes, you guessed it, bossa nova. Hints of The CarpentersThe Pretenders, and Madonna peek their heads in and out of their songs. This is one of those albums that you can’t listen to and not end up smiling.

Check out their album below. I think its the perfect timing for this release. It has a fresh and nostalgic feel to it…just like the upcoming spring weather.



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