There is nothing quite like hearing a song that instantly takes you somewhere else. The first one to come to mind is Don Henley’s Boys of Summer. That song instantly brings me to summer…driving with the windows down…the sun beating down on your sun kissed arm. Wolvo’s (featuring singer and songwriter DAYVID) song Nothin Right did just that. I was instantly brought to the club. Blue and purple lights giving everything in the room an unreal glow. Everyone dressed in their Saturday night’s best. This song comes on and the whole dance floor starts moving in unison. Sweat dripping down. Couples inch closer. Laughter muted by the pounding beat. The melody comes to a perfect hault that any DJ can use to drop their next song in. This is a phenomenal dance song.

Nothin Right is their debut teaser single to help promote Wolvo’s upcoming EP which is slated to be released this spring. If this song is any indication of everything he has been working so hard on, it is guaranteed to be an amazing collection of music. Check out the song below. You can purchase it on iTunes.

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