I wonder if it’s all been done. What do we have left to say? We ride this chaotic rock through an endless void. We have been given the spark of life. The have the ability to create. We can define our existence. Humanity has seized our small moment in the fabric of time. We have created and innovated. We have shaped the culture as well as society through astounding gift of creation. Some would even call this gift divine. We are truly beautiful when we create.

We have the ability to bring down kings. Art can change all that we know. It can change the future. Words are written that are spoken long after the author spins off into the void. The mark made by the truly great will resonate. It is the closest thing we have to a tangible immortality. It is all about taking the risk.

When was the last time you were truly moved? When do you remember something so defining that it spoke across barriers? When did something happen because someone decided to be heard?

I, for one, can’t remember.

So I sit and wait, hoping I don’t grow bitter before I spin off into the void. With all that we have and all that we can be, we are doing very little. Technology gives us more opportunity than we have ever had. It is an astounding time to be alive. To be bad most of us are dead.

How did we become so apathetic? Humanity is waiting to be woken from its slumber. I think of what Hunter S. Thompson said when speaking of the sixties and all its social upheaval. He called it the high water mark. It was as though a wave had covered the land and for once something truly great would happen. Then the waters as fast as they rose, receded back. Those who were apart could look west and see the high water mark.

I wonder if humanity has seen the waters recede. So now we sit and wait for it to ease. To wait for more of the same old same old. Along the way we are entertained. We tap a toe or laugh at a line. Pass the money over for another remake.

Who is to blame? Is it society? Is the artist? Is the business that wants to shape, repackage and rehash what we hear? Ah, the great devil. Publishers, galleries, record labels, and studios. They are easy scapegoats for those too afraid to take a chance.

I keep waiting for something to change. I want to be moved. I won’t sit by. I’ll keep writing as long there are empty pages. I will stand on the shore line and look out into the water. Maybe someday I’ll look out to see the tide pick up, the waters rush in and it will take us up to the high water mark.



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