It’s not very often that an acquaintance of mine asks me to check out their book. So when I heard that Steven Gordon wanted me to share his guitar book, I jumped at the chance. As a novice guitar, I felt as though I was the perfect person to check it out and write a little piece for all our musician followers. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy to read and informative the book was. The extent of my ability to read music starts and ends entirely with tabs. I haven’t picked my guitar up in years but here I was, playing along and feeling like an actual guitar player compared to the expert Nirvana guitarist I was back in the day.

After reading through the reviews, it turns out that this book is actually used by classic guitar teachers and students alike. So, if you are looking to tackle guitar scales and get over your fears, this just might be the book you have been looking for. I know that I am inspired to practice more! Check it out on Amazon and grab your copy now!



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